Saturday, 3 March 2012

This season.....

............I will mostly be eating and making cake! Can you ever have too much? Probably, but sometimes it turns a bad day good!

So my little fella is still all spotty with the Chickenpox, but I think he will soon be free of them.He has been so good considering he is teethiing too! We all say it's great being a kid, but we forget that they suffer in other ways growing up and it's ol so hard as a parent to watch. They may not have the stress and strains of life, but they have their own little worries and fears and bloody painful teeth!!

Once again this week I have been in the kitchen baking like crazy. At the moment I have been designing mother's day cakes. I really enjoy combining pretty colours for the handmade decorations to put on top.

I have also been working on a new design for my 'PrettyLittleHeads', Enchanted garden collection.
It's so hard to find the confidence to get out there with my designs and to know where to take them.
I need to brave the wedding shops, but I fear rejection and that is what stops me...silly really because I won't know until I try.Oh it would have been nice to have been blessed with a big ol dollop of confidence!

My head fills like it is overflowing with everything in it at the moment...I feel like it may explode at some point. I go to bed and my brain is whirling around and around, I wake up and I don't remember what I have just done because my mind is elsewhere. At times like this, I wish I was worzel Gummidge and I could just change my head for an empty vaccant one!

Anyway enough rambling on about nothingness. Here are some pics....

These ones were just a heart design, not for mummies day, but the ones below were the ones that I have chosen to make. Six chocolate cupcakes decorated with pale pink, white, pale green and lemon and and six vanilla cupcakes, decorated with vintage hues of pink, violet cream and green .


  1. Oh, Doris! What great ideas for Mother's day! I love each and every cupcake! People would be crazy not to flock to your beautifully designed cupcakes.

  2. They look absolutely stunning! I wish I could make such beautiful decorations!

    I know exactly what you mean about the head thing! I really need an 'off' switch some evenings! xxx