Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Newgale in the September sunshine......

The glorious beach at Newgale, where we spent our first day.

A fridge full of cake and ice creams.............sadly we didnt have any, but it was worth the stop off just for the views and Tea!

This was the lovely 'Sands Cafe' situated a few metres back from the sandy white beach
of Newgale. This is where I discovered teapigs tea!!
We also love the money plant...one day ours will look like that!

Oink Oink

Whilst on holiday with my other half in Pembrokeshire (Wales) last week, I came across a delicious cuppa T.

We stopped off at a small village along the west coast called Newgale, where we popped into the local restaurant overlooking the beautiful white sandy beach.
They were serving a tea called teapigs ,which I had never heard off until then..... Now I am a decaf tea / coffee drinker, but this Tea was the business, so good in fact that I could almost ( possibly sometimes) be turned to the strong stuff. I had a cup of English breakfast tea and I must say its the nicest Tea I have ever had!!
They do an abundance of teas, one of which is a summer flowers blend ( caffeine free) described by teapigs themselves as "A blend as refreshing and as welcome as a cloudless summer sky over Britain." How could you resist? They also sell lots of gadgets and lovely gifts (shown above). I suggest at some point tracking down a venue serving or selling teapigs tea and trying a sip with a nice chunk of cake!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

How sweet it is........

This was my purchase for cake week, Tesco's strawberry cupcakes.....strawberry sponge, strawberry frosting and strawberry toppings.......yum!.......2 for me, 2 for the ol man indoors!

I also promised myself I would make more cake for cake week, so thats what I did...............another bbcgoodfood cake recipe (sticky chocolate cake), they are the don of cake recipe sites!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lakeland bakeware


Lakeland's has a lot of lovely baking products. I especially love the tin that holds the crinkle cutters, very vintage. It would look lovely in my kitchen.... (I'm sure there's a space waiting to be filled)!

Monday, 14 September 2009

cupcakes beauties..

Photo above from cakejournal
photo above from Zalita
photo above from Hello Naomi
photo above from Zalita
Photo above from Peggy Porschen 
If you are a PP fan, check out this months Sainsbury's magazine. Peggy shows how its done and they look delicious!

As its cake week ( 14th-19th September), I thought I would share with you some fantastic cake makers, these beauties are so delicate and intricate that they look too precious to scoff!!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

National Cupcake week

Every week should be cupcake week in my opinion. This isn't a cupcake but it is a cake....a special one for my big big bro's birthday. If you like blueberries, cheesecake and cake you will love this.

find the recipe at bbcgoodfood

This will not be my last cake this week, I will be making more and purchasing one or two...it is cupcake week after all!.......I bet I know another young lady who will not turn her nose up at a cake....especially if its given away for free at selfridges!!

One mans rubbish is another mans treasure.........

I had never been to a car boot sale until my husband took me a couple of weeks ago. To be honest it was mostly crap, but i did find a couple of bits that caught my mince pies.......
The top find was a little cut glass bowl.........whack a couple of felt flowers on the top with a bit of wadding............da dah............a handy pin cushion.
The plate was just too pretty to pass by.
I have been told by the ol man that I am not allowed to go car booting alone, as I will come back with loads of tat!!