Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chick chick chick chick chicken.........

No it's not an early easter post. My little harrison has Chickenpox bless him. The fever came on yesterday followed by the rash and now he is slowly being covered in little red spots.
The itching hasn't started yet and i am not looking forward to it. It is so hard as a parent to watch your baby suffer. You wish you could take the pain away, but sometimes you just can't!
i'm not sure how long this will last but I just want it to be over for his sake :(

Apart from dealing with that I have been a busy girl this morning ( after no sleep....sniff sniff) making cupcakes for my nephew (in law). Little Leo turned 3 today and eventhough we couldn't go to the party, as we'd be spreading the cp love!we did send cupcakes.
Here they are..........

I was very happy with the design, but I made a mistake that made me so mad with myself. I decided to try a new recipe and had not tried one before I sent them. Note to self...DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!

After sitting down tonight with a nice cuppa, I bit into my cake........I was not a happy bunny! I felt embarrassed that I had sent them! They were not up to scratch. Never again will I do that. Always test a recipe before hand. Is that obvious?....sounds it, as I read it back to myself. Oh well I'm sure the kids enjoyed them, no doubt they only licked the cream off!!

Here's to a good week and here's hoping the chickenpox aren't too mean to my baby!xx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Busy bee.......

Hello there. It's sunday night and no I am not relaxing on the sofa with my feet up watching the ol' box, I am updating my blog!! I'm trying, I'm trying!
This week has been another busy one. Infact with a fifteen month old it's always a busy week. Sometimes being an at home mum looking after Harrison leaves me feeling lazy. I feel I should be out there working...earning the green. In my spare time I am creating my wedding head pieces and cake designs and yet I still have to reassure myself that it's ok not to have a job at the moment.
Since the age of 16 I have worked. My first job was washing hair at a local hairdressers on a saturday(this is why my hands are still so dry). I kept that job throughout college and as soon as college was finished I found another job. I continued in that same job until I was made redundant last year.
I don't stop from when I get up until I go to bed and caring for a little one is the hardest job I have had, also the most rewarding.
so why can't I except that being an at home mum is a full time job? Does/did anyone else feel that way?

Enough of my ramblings, here's what's been happening this week........

These are chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate frosting. I wanted to make some fondant flowers with a vintage feel and this was the outcome.
They tasted rather good too!
The frosting made me very happy because it was a perfect concistency to pipe onto the sponge.Happy days!

I have also been trying to update my other blog 'prettylittleheadshandmade' if you have a chance, please have a look. I am hoping that one day this will become my 'job'!
I have a few more designs to add to my blog, but they are already on my FB page.
I can also be found on Facebook. If you felt so inclind, you could press on the 'like' button on the facebook page and become a friend of my site . So far I only have ten likes ( sniff sniff ).

Here's hoping you have agreat week, even if it's a little chilly!x



Sunday, 12 February 2012

Moving on....

Well, once again it's been a while! The move went well as far as moving in and moving out, however the little fella wasn't so happy about it!
It's been Very tough for our little H. I think it was all too much for his little head to take, firstly he see's everything disappearing from his home and then the next minute he's somewhere else every day and everything that he knew has gone. His sleeping pattern went up the wall, he got rashes, he just found it all too much and so did I seeing my little baby suffering.
It felt like we put him through so much and yet it couldn't be helped.
He's a happy chappy now though, running around, in and out of his new room! We are all much happier here and now nicely settled in.
Although I almost thought we wouldn't be. We had been here only a week and I fell ill and felt rather poorly for over a week. It felt like I was just getting somewhere with the flat and then bam my body just went 'nah you can't do anymore..lay there and feel sorry for yourself' (which I would have done, had I not had to look after my little H).

So anyway the jewellery has been put to one side for now although I have a facebook page for my 'PrettyLittleHeads' that I would love for you to 'Like' if your a facebooker ( is anyone not nowadays?) or even just have a peek!
I have been making a few cakes lately...quite a few of which I can share with you now....... (most get made and eaten not photographed!)

This was an order for a vespa cake....

It was quite a challenge and for some reason I find it harder to design something for a man.I guess it's easier designing something girlie. Men are more difficult. However I ended up really enjoying making this one. I'm also finding each one less stressful because I am learning something new every time.

Next on the agender were these Valentines cupcakes....I was getting in early with these ones..........


Bee Mine.

These were very fun to make and very fun to eat!

So I am not going to make any promises about keeping up with my blogging because I will just mentally punish myself if I don't stick with it, so i will try to keep posting when time allows.
Just so you know, even when I am not posting I am nosing at your blogs...that I can promise!!
I hope you have a great week and the sun comes out to smile at us all :)