Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chick chick chick chick chicken.........

No it's not an early easter post. My little harrison has Chickenpox bless him. The fever came on yesterday followed by the rash and now he is slowly being covered in little red spots.
The itching hasn't started yet and i am not looking forward to it. It is so hard as a parent to watch your baby suffer. You wish you could take the pain away, but sometimes you just can't!
i'm not sure how long this will last but I just want it to be over for his sake :(

Apart from dealing with that I have been a busy girl this morning ( after no sleep....sniff sniff) making cupcakes for my nephew (in law). Little Leo turned 3 today and eventhough we couldn't go to the party, as we'd be spreading the cp love!we did send cupcakes.
Here they are..........

I was very happy with the design, but I made a mistake that made me so mad with myself. I decided to try a new recipe and had not tried one before I sent them. Note to self...DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!

After sitting down tonight with a nice cuppa, I bit into my cake........I was not a happy bunny! I felt embarrassed that I had sent them! They were not up to scratch. Never again will I do that. Always test a recipe before hand. Is that obvious?....sounds it, as I read it back to myself. Oh well I'm sure the kids enjoyed them, no doubt they only licked the cream off!!

Here's to a good week and here's hoping the chickenpox aren't too mean to my baby!xx


  1. well, they look fabulous! i'm sure they were delighted :)

  2. That look lovely!!

    Hopefully the chickenpox will be mild, they say the younger they have it the better.....

    S x