Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Oink Oink

Whilst on holiday with my other half in Pembrokeshire (Wales) last week, I came across a delicious cuppa T.

We stopped off at a small village along the west coast called Newgale, where we popped into the local restaurant overlooking the beautiful white sandy beach.
They were serving a tea called teapigs ,which I had never heard off until then..... Now I am a decaf tea / coffee drinker, but this Tea was the business, so good in fact that I could almost ( possibly sometimes) be turned to the strong stuff. I had a cup of English breakfast tea and I must say its the nicest Tea I have ever had!!
They do an abundance of teas, one of which is a summer flowers blend ( caffeine free) described by teapigs themselves as "A blend as refreshing and as welcome as a cloudless summer sky over Britain." How could you resist? They also sell lots of gadgets and lovely gifts (shown above). I suggest at some point tracking down a venue serving or selling teapigs tea and trying a sip with a nice chunk of cake!!

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