Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hooray for holidays!

Today We have been organising ourselves ready for going away tomorrow to Bude in Cornwall for a week. We can't wait, time away from work, walking in the fresh air, eating yummy treats and hopefully some sunshine!
So no posting until after the 20th for me. Hopefully I'll have lots to post about on our return! Probably that my sugar levels have hit the roof from all of the creamy fudge, vegetable filled hot pasties, scones with jam and clotted cream....... do I need to continue?

Anyway we went to the Epping forest festival last weekend to have a goosey gander and low and behold there was a cake stall...of course I had to sample the goods and I was well behaved and only had one fairy cake with a cuppa ( all for £1.50 - bargain I say).

It was a very cute looking stall with cakes topped with every flavoured frosting you could think of having, coffee, vanilla, strawberry, name it, it was available.

I went for the coffee frosting  with old school sweets ( I gave the sweets to Paul - my chosen one) and he had a vanilla frosting topped with a fresh strawberry.Darn the diabetes I could have sat there and stuffed myself silly with all those cakes!
I also noticed the cake wrappers, as I hadn't seen this style before.
You can get them from the Cakes, Cookies and Crafts shop if you feel so inclined!

Have a wonderful week .x


  1. Mmmm they looked tasty. Have a nice jolly..x

  2. Hello! I've popped by because I wanted to say thank you for following my blog. I've loved reading your blog. I love cake, cakes, scones, biscuits, anything that can be baked and made to look pretty, so I've loved seeing all your photographs. Sending smiles, Em. x