Sunday, 26 September 2010

Home sweet home.....

Time for my holiday tales...
                                          Sitting in traffic on the A406 after Tom Tom took us on the busiest route homeward bound was not a nice welcome home, however after such a lovely week in Cornwall who could complain!
We were lucky enough to have only one day of rain, which lead us to the Eden Project... which is never a bad thing.
We have walked, slept well and definitely eaten well... me a little two well maybe... We had cream teas ( scones with clotted cream and jam) twice....

.........A slice of coffee and walnut cake and a big slice of sticky toffee and caramel cake ( oh my goodness was that good.... it was from a bakers in Newquay, which I only went into because it's name was the same as my ma's. I have never eaten cake like it...I have since found out that they do mail order. We stayed in a beautiful B and B in Bude, where we couldn't have been made to feel more welcome.

We visited Padstow, named Padstein by some and ate Rick Steins chips ( and Falafels ). They were tasty, but not as far as the seagulls were concerned... they turned their noses up at Rick's chips!

We visited beautiful places like Boscastle

More tea shops.... what is it that is so comforting about tea and cake?....

Oh and we have enough fudge to keep us going for a life time....

I can't eat mine until after the little one is born, but I have the satisfaction of knowing it's there waiting for me to get my teeth around it.

One little shop in Tintagel called ' Granny Wobbly's Fudge Pantry' was one of the cutest places I have seen in a while....

The fudge is made on the premises and the smell of chocolate fudge cooking on the hob was a pure torment for me!

However, with sugar my new enemy there are still other simple pleasures to be had like the watching the sun go down on the beach with no cares in the world ( or at least whilst your on holiday), makes you realise how sweet life can be sometimes.


  1. Fab post! My heart is in Cornwall. I WILL move there oneday! Great pics! I did a walk once from Boscastle to Tintagel along the headland. Many years ago, but it was great fun to explore the villages. Not too long to go now before you can indulge in the fudge, and boy, I bet it is going to taste that bit better for waiting! he he! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wonderful post!
    We have a house in Bude so I just adore Cornwall, I NEED to be there now, your post has made me crave it.