Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cake Pops

I finally made some 'cake pops' after admiring Bakerella's for so long!
They do take a little longer to make than a cake or cupcakes with a frosting, but believe me if you haven't tried them it sure is worth it!
My ones looked like homemade chocolates because I didn't put them onto lollypop sticks. I just rested them inside a little paper cake case.
I also put a couple into cello bags and tied them with pretty ribbon for little gifts for friends.
I made te cake mixture myself and the frosting as I didn't fancy using ready made mixes.

The recipe that I used was as follows:

Cake Ingredients;
110g margarine or butter
110g caster sugar
2 medium eggs
75g self raising flour, sieved
25g cocoa powder, sieved

75g Unsalted butter
175g icing sugar, sieved
3 tbsp cocoa powder
milk or  water

1. Pre - heat oven to 180c/ 350f/ gas mark 4...I have a fan assisted oven so I had it on 160c.
2. Mix together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy and paler in colour.
3. Gradually beat in the eggs, if it starts to curdle, add some of your flour.
4. Gently fold in the remaining flour and cocoa powder until combined.
5.Spoon your mixture into your baking cases ( I thought it easier to make little cupcakes than a large cake- quicker to cool down)! bake for 15 - 20 minutes. In my fan assisted they took about 13 minutes. Do not over bake your cakes if you don't want crusty bits in your cake pops!!
6. Remove from the oven and leave to cool down on a wire rack.

Frosting Instructions:

7. Make sure your butter is nice and soft, it makes it a lot easier to mix with the icing sugar.
8. Add the icing sugar and mix until well combined.
9. now add the cocoa powder and mix well until you have a smooth paste.
10. Add a little milk or water ( I add milk) until it is spreadable, not too runny and not too thick!

Ok here comes the fun bit:

11.Once the cakes are cool, crumble them into a large bowl and add your frosting to the crumbs, mixing until well combined.
12. Now using your hands roll into little balls, place these on greaseproof paper and then into the fridge.
13. I left my cakes in the fridge overnight, but I am sure a couple of hours will do if you cannot wait!
14. Melt chocolate of your choice ( I used dark- I find it the easiest to work with).
15. Once the chocolate is melted, stick a cocktail stick into a cake ball and dip into the melted chocolate. allow the excess to drip off.
16. Rest your dipped ball onto the greaseproof paper and continue to do the same with all of your rolled balls.
17. Once you have dipped all the balls place them into the fridge to set.
18. I wanted to decorate mine with a lighter chocolate, so I melted some white chocoalte as well as the dark and mixed them together to place over the top as shown above.

Good luck and if there is anything I have missed or you have a question just leave me a message.

Happy cake popping!! 

oh, this is what it looks like just seems to melt in your mouth!


  1. Oh dear lord they look rather scrumptastic! I have been eyeing those up in bakerella also, such a fab site. Definitely will have to give those a some stage! I am trying very hard to stay of sweet stuff and am having to have a little cup of skinny cow hot chocolate when the cravings get too much! he he! xxxxxxxxx

  2. oh my word, not sure I could leave the in the fridge without them getting eaten though lol :-)