Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Still making myself suffer looking at cakes on a daily basis, dreaming about a day when it will be o.k for me to eat it again whenever I want it (although by no means do I want to rush my pregnancy it's far to precious...more so than any cake)!

Well one site that I like to check out is Bakerella. She has a book coming out at the end of October called 'cake pops ' and it's teeny tiny bits of cake mixed with a frosting of your choice, rolled into balls and then covered in whatever you fancy, fondant, chocolate....Or any other yummy rolling agent!

These little gems are just a few of her cake pops.
I will definitely be trying these out at some point... I'll just add it to my long list of things to bake/make!!

How cute are these for kids.... and adults like me who haven't really grown up!
It seems pretty easy to do, as you basically make a cake of your choice and then once its cooled down, you crumble it into a bowl and add your frosting, mix well, roll into small balls, refridgerate and then dip into the chosen topping...fab!!

All of the  photos above are taken from Bakerella's website.


  1. I LOVE that site! So awesome and inspiring! Beem trying not to look on there recently though! I seem to be having major sweet tooth at the moment and need to curb it a bit....or rather....a lot!

    I love the idea of those cake pops though. The bears would love them. Maybe when a few pounds have been shifted, I will be a bit naughty and give them a go!

    Have a great day! Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love that site too! Those cake pops look great! Perfect for Kids parties!
    I'd love for you to pop over to take part in a giveaway I'm having!