Monday, 6 September 2010

Blue bear

It was my youngest nephew (in-laws) 1st birthday in February and I made these cupcakes for him .
 I hadn't got around to putting the pics on until now (how slack), due to being missing in action for the past 4 months. This was my first attempt at making a sugarpaste bear.
Meet Bert.

They didn't last very long with the kids, which is always lovely and rewarding to see them munching away.
I have now purchased some more regalice, so am wondering what to make next!!


  1. Wow, how fantastic! What a talent you have! Having made the rule that when term starts, the strict eating and exercising regime will start, alas, I am banned from cake making for a bit! Far too tempting! Have a fab day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. They are great! I bet he loved them!!!

  3. Thank you for entering my giveaway. If you win I'll send the cupcake ones!
    Bert is so cute .... but I wish I hadn't popped over here as I am now desperate for butter cream icing!