Thursday, 26 August 2010

A naughty treat...but not for me!

August is the month for birthdays in our family, well four of them! So it's always auntie Sarah's little task ( and I love doing it) to make cake for the little ones, which at the moment is hard seeing as I cannot eat any of it!!
But I have made myself proud and last night I watched everyone else eating their slice of victoria sponge cake with butter cream frosting, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries, whilst I sat there with my cuppa tea and a slice of....nothing!!
9 weeks to go and hopefully I can eat as much cake as I like....

Making little fairy cakes like these for the little one's takes me back to my younger years. 
Birthday parties with jelly and ice cream...

Does anyone know how to stop strawberries from making all your sponge wet.
I have given up putting sliced strawberries inside my cakes because they always drip down and make the sponge wet!!


  1. Oh lord, how mouthwateringly fantabulous! I have had a major sugar crave this week and totally succumbed! Feeling blah, so just caved in without any resistance! The sponge cake...well....could shove that right in in just one move.....and the fairy cakes.....they look to die for! Can you come and make my party food please!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely day! xxxxx

  2. re the strawberries...i never find this a problem as the cake never lasts enough to go soggy in my house!!!! thats probably why i have a backside the size of east devon!!!lol!

  3. wow they are scrummy! how about covering the strawberries in sugar and let them dry a bit, would that help?