Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Great British Bake off

Incase any of you lovely people are interested and don't already know, BBC2 is running a show at the moment on Tuesday nights at 8pm. It's called 'The Great British bake off'.
Ten contestants are competing to be crowned ' best amateur baker '.
Tonight is the third episode with only six baking competitors left, focusing mainly on bread making in kent.

The judges are Mary Berry ( she has some yummy cakes) and Paul  (mad about bread) Hollywood.
If you have an interest in baking it teaches you a thing or two......That you're not as good as you thought. It's quite sad seeing the deflated faces of the contestants, but such is life!! Many a time I have made what I hoped to be a delicious cake and it turns out to be a disaster!!

Through watching the show, I have found out that I must be mixing my ingredients for too long as I often get a peak in the middle of my sponges!!...... Next time I will try to get a flat top, although I would rather blame my oven and not my skills!!

Anyway tonight I will sit back and relax with some apple and blackberry crumble ( I'm still allowed a little treat every now and again) and watch how to make bread... Not that I'll ever make any!!

Ooooh also whilst out at the weekend in waterstones I saw a few lovely books. One was 'Life is Sweet' by Hope and Greenwood. It's filled with old fashioned sweet recipes including sherbet lemon marshmellows, rhubbarb and custard crumble cups and morning coffee cups.... Looks like one to add to the wish list!

Along with 'The hummingbird bakery cookbook'

 which has  lovely recipes for...

vanilla cupcakes

banana and chocolate cupcakes

red velvet cupcakes

Oh Boy I do like to torture myself with what I can't have!!


  1. Im really enjoying the series on the BBC. I bake alot and have found the hints and tips very useful. Im even thinking about buying the book! Congratulations on bump xx

  2. I'm loving the Great British Bake Off, I have the hope and greenwood book, it is fantastic. The peanut butter fudge is the best thing ever x thanks so much for the follow, your blog is great too so I shall follow right back x