Monday, 16 August 2010

My little bundle of joy!

Hello friends! That's if I still have any!!
I know it's been a very long time since our paths crossed in the land of blog!
I have a very exciting reason....... I am going to be a mummy in November!!!
Along with the joys there has been 8 weeks of morning sickness...oh boy! And anyone out there who already knows the ropes...tiredness, emotioms and no time to blog due to trying to get the flat sorted for our new arrival.
 I am loving every moment of carrying our special little bundle and now hopefully  I can get back on track with my blog before our little one enters the world .
I have missed not writing on here...but I just didn't have the get up and go. Getting to work.... working and then the journey home leaves me with little energy other than contemplating what to do next, crochet, felts, baking...... no nothing, I'll just lay here a little longer and do that stuff tomorrow!!
It sure is hard work growing a little person, but so rewarding watching my tummy grow week by week, wondering what our little  baby is going to look like, behave like! I am just so excited.

Enough of that I found this wonderful photo and wanted to share it with you, my kicks haven't reached this stage yet.....
Image from

This just amazes me!!

Anyway it's nice to be back.xx


  1. Awwwwww that's such fantastic news! Many congrats! Funny, morning sickness is horrendous, but as soon as it goes you forget how bad it actually was! Being pregnant is very draining, little one, wants every ounce of your energy to make them grow big and strong. Lovely to see you back in blog land! Big hugs Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Congrats and i hope the sickness wears off soon :-( Oh how I remember those days of work, travelling, getting home and wanting to go to bed and turning a shade of green (my sickness always waited until I got home from work :-().

    Enjoy as it really does fly by.

  3. So pleased to see you back in blogland...and with such wonderful news.
    May have to make some coconut ice to celebrate!
    Z xx

  4. congratulations, thats fantastic news, sounds like the nesting instinct has kicked in already and i've no doubt that now you're over the morning sickness you'll be blooming!!!
    well done to you both...

  5. Thank you ladies for all your very sweet and kind words.
    I am glad to be back amongst friends!!xxxx