Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Sugared Hearts

You will need granulated sugar, water, food colourings and a heart shaped cutter ( or any shaped cutter).

Firstly add a little water to your sugar, not too much and not too little, it should look a little like crushed snow!! You don't want it to be too wet because it will no longer look grainy once it has dried, but you want it wet enough to stick together once you have pushed it through the mould.

Separate the water and sugar mixture into a few different containers, I used paper cases. Add the food colouring of your choice a drop at a time, depending on how light / dark you want the sugar cubes to

Fill your mould with the sugar mixture.

Push down the sugar with your fingers. You need to do this otherwise once you push it through the mould there may be a gap in the middle and it will collapse .

Leave them for a few minutes to dry a little and then carefully push them through.
It may take a couple of tries as it is quite a fiddley job. Some of mine came out too wet, some were not wet enough and some were just right, so keep trying!!

They look very pretty in a jar on the shelf for when you have your girlfriends over. Altough I am not sure if they will colour your tea!!


  1. Too funny, last night I got food colorings in many different colors to try and make my own sugar cubes. Yours are beautiful!

  2. Very pretty indeed, love them. :) xxx

  3. Hello my lovely! Wowzer...thank you so much for the tutorial, I shall be straight on it! They look so fantastic, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea! Hope I can make mine look as darn pretty as yours! Humm thinking not, but will give it a go! Have a fab day! xxx

  4. So pretty! I am going to try this!

  5. Just found your lovely blog!The hearts are so sweet! What a brilliant tutorial thank you!
    Rachel x

  6. oh they are so cute. I don't take sugar but I think they would have looked lovely on my table for mum this morning. Will have to remember this for the next time :o) THanks so much for sharing, love your pics too. M x

  7. This is sooooo great!! I'm going this try this. Thanks for this LOVELY idea...
    greetings, Roos

  8. These are really pretty and I think I might have to give them a whirl myself!! Thank you for sharing 'how' with everyone! :)

    I found you for the first time today, and as its such a lovely blog I hope you wont mind me adding you to my faves, so I can pop back and be inspired again!

    Much love

    x x x

  9. This looks so pretty. I'm gonna try that too! Thanks a lot!

  10. Hey my lovely, I have a blog award waiting for you over at mine! Pop on over and collect it! xxx

  11. Love your blog Doris. Its absolutely delicious!