Sunday, 7 March 2010

crocheted cushion

I have been a little naughty lately with my blog.I finished my pillow last weekend, but I am only just blogging about it now. I haven't felt like posting, which leads me to feelings of guilt! So I figured I would set time aside today to post.
The granny square pattern is from Attic 24 and the pattern for joining the squares is from Carina's blog.
I am also working on a pair of wrist warmers, which I found on attic 24's blog.It took a while to get the size right as I have hands the size of a childs!
This crocheting business is slightly addictive.
I have also booked a beginners crochet class at Makedomenders.I am going with my mate Rachel, it will be an eveing of crochet, tea and cake eating!! It's worth checking out their site.


  1. Love the cushion, crochet is definitely addictive, lol. Enjoy your class. xx

  2. You did it! And it looks so amazing! I bet you are chuffed to bits! It is very addictive I can tell you, and once you get the hang of a pattern, knowing you can do it in all manner of great colour combos keeps you going for ages! I have a list as long as my arm now for the basic patterns in a whole array of colours! Keep at it! Attic24 has great easy tutorials if you don't already know her blog, if I can do them, anyone can! he he! xxx

  3. I just discoverdd your blog, and I must tell you that I do like your pillow. I also read attic24, and have been comtemplating a granny square something for awhile. Not long ago I saw a beautiful tablecloth all made of granny squares in white and then two shades of blue, to mimic the idea of gingham. I really liked it, though I must admit that a tablecloth sounds like A LOT of work! Perhaps a pillow is the solution.

    And I do agree that crochet is quite addicting...I started learning a year ago, and have fallen in love with it. Many scarves, dishcloths, an afghan, and a doily later, I'm hooked! (Pun intended.)