Friday, 26 February 2010


Image: Williams- Sonoma

Image: Williams-Sonoma

I'm talking pies...whoopie pies!
I have read about them, I have seen them on the web, but I had never had the pleasure of savouring the flavour of one. So whilst in Harrods last night I decided to try one from their patissirie.

I have read that Whoopie pies were placed into the lunch boxes of farmers by Amish women as a treat and when the recipient would find the delight they would shout "Whoopie"!

Anyway, I couldn't wait to get home to share my pie with my hubby, the oozing fluffy cream sandwiched between the two cakey biscuity layers.....ummmmmm you say, uh uh I say.....What a disappointment the whoopie was not to my taste buds!! I don't know if I expected more from this little delight after reading how delightful they were. Maybe I was thinking that it would be light like a sponge. I am not sure how to explain them. The cake was of a heavy consistency not quite a biscuit, not quite a sponge. The cream was good, it wasn't a buttercream, I believe it is made with vegetable fat!! Thing is I had to eat it all,  but I didn't enjoy it.
There is nothing worse than looking forward to a cake and it hoo whoo-poo pie!!

Has anyone else tried a whoopie pie, maybe it's just not for me or maybe it was a bad one!

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  1. Oh what a shame, 'cos it looks amazing! Maybe you can make something similar up with nicer ingredients, that looks just as good as a whoopie but has the taste to match it! I am trying so hard not to bake as I end up eating most of what I make but some things are just tooo good to resist! he he! hope you have a great day today! xxx

  2. Never had one, but they do look good! And I can't imagine anything from Harrods not being absolutely delicious. What a bummer, but I will think of you if I ever see one!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi there, I just popped over from Cocorose and was looking around when I came upon this post. I have never liked store bought whoopie-pies, but have made them several times and they are scrumptious. The cake should be fairly light and moist, though I've never seen one with frosting etc. on top. There does seem to be quite a bit of filling as well. Sorry it was a disappointment, hope you are able to enjoy a good one one day.