Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Company Bake off

A good few months back, my work colleague decided we should have a company bake off to see whose skills were up to scratch, oh and just a good excuse to scoff cake each week at work.
This was my attempt...a carrot and banana cake, recipe by the lovely Annie Bell. She often has recipes in the Daily Mails 'You' magazine on a Sunday, but you can also buy this lovely book..... which is on my wish list!
As I don't have the book I am not sure if this recipe is included, but not to worry you can retrieve it from here.

Unfortunately today I was told that I have gestational Diabetes, so I won't be trying any cakes between now and the little bundle being born! I'm not keen on the idea of having a large baby, which can be caused by this type of diabetes so carrot sticks and baby corn it is then :)
If anyone has any information on it, it would be grately received as I feel a little lost at the moment.
I can't eat cake,but i can make myself suffer by looking at it!!!!
Annie Bell

 Annie Bell


  1. Fab cake, sorry to hear about your diabetes - pregnancy always seems to throw things up to worry about, maybe it is to get us into practice at being Mums as we always end up worrying about them even when they arrive :-)

  2. Ooooh the cakes look scrummy. I have that Annie Bell book, lots of lovelies in there. Sorry you can't eat any for the next few months. My mother-in-law had this condition with all 5 of her kids, she had no babies born under 10lbs, don't know how she did it! Obviously it didn't deter her! ha ha! Have a fab day! xxxxxxxxxxx