Thursday, 11 February 2010

Valentine's Inspiration...



               You can always rely on Martha Stewart for some inspiration whatever the season!!
All of the above have 'How to's ' on her website.
I wish I had more time in the day for making it all!
 Eye candy is soooo good for the soul.

(All photographs are from Martha Stewart)


  1. Hi
    I've been reading your blog for a little while now but I'm not sure I've ever left a comment ( I'm a little shy ya know lol)
    Well I'm gonna today because do ya know what? Your posts are always so very happy n cheery and also very inspirational.
    What a fantasic blog and thankyou for brightening up my day.

  2. Hi~
    Looks so festive over here! I am so not ready for Valentine's Day, but you got me in the mood for some yummy treats! I am thinking I have to make MS homemade marshmallows this weekend, heart shaped marshmallows always taste way better! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

  3. Morning! Ohhhh what a sight to wake up to! The boys are off school today, inset day, so today was going to be a baking day with I ready for the incerdible mess?....but your post has inspired me! Maybe heart cookies and meringues! he he! Have a wonderful day and fantastic weekend my lovely! xxxx

  4. Oh I meant to say, have you seen these two sites? They are really great. Check them out if you havn't already!