Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sew, what have I been up to?

Well, I have been keeping busy with a few projects....why I can't just stick to one I don't know!

My Ma bought me 'Sew' by Cath Kidston for crimbo, so I finally decided to make the bag that comes with the book. It's great having the cloth  already cut, you just have to work out how to make it!! ..............I got there in the end!

If you decide to line the bag,make sure you stitch the CK label on first or you have to un stitch the bag to get it on there....common sense is not my strong point!

Here it is....

It's a really lovely book to look at, with lots of great patterns to make.

I have also been baking more cupcakes...yes more!!  One of the girls left work and she couldn't have a send off without cake!

And finally some more Cake, only this time it was an early Valentine's cake for my family. The cake is Chocolate Fudge Cake which is very fluffy and light as it's made with sunflower oil instead of butter. The little heart jelly beans are from Marks and Spencer's.

I have also been busy with my crochet hook...more to follow!!!


  1. Great job with your new bag! And you are one busy girl with all that lovely baking and sewing going on! Looks wonderful!

  2. Gee Whiz! More cakes! and bags too?!!!! I'm laughing! I'm in heaven! I got the CK book when it came out but havn't been brave enough yet to make it! I really ought to give it a go but it's probably right down on my list at the moment as crochet seems to be a complete obsession I have to get out of my system. And as for the cakes.....OMG they all look divine! Actually the fudge cake looks to die for and I know my family would get through that in less than 20 seconds! That says a lot about my family! he he! have a great day! xxx

  3. Wowzer this looks lovely and I love your cake stand!