Friday, 12 February 2010

Cake Journal

These are some delightful cakes and cookies by Louise at  Cake Journal. She is based in Denmark and has a wonderful site which is full of inspiration and tutorials. She also has a flickr site. It was here that I mastered the little turtle cake topper.

( All of the photographs are by Cake Journal).


  1. Hi there! I have just found your blog via Coco Rose - it's simply mouthwatering! I'll definitely be popping back for another visit very soon. Michelle x

  2. Oh lordy such delights...will have to check it all out! I had a baking day with the boys yesterday...and the house looked a total mess! It took all day, flour, melted chocolate and sprinkles everywhere....a total mess, but my eldest said he had such a fun day, so was totally worth it! A mega amount of cleaning up to do this weekend though so maybe hold off on doing more for a bit! he he! have a fab weekend! xxx