Sunday, 14 February 2010

Crochet mad?

I cannot get enough of the stuff, on the train, in my lunch break, on the way to Tesco's, in my sleep.......I think that I am obsessed! I have tried many times in the past to learn with my Ma, but no joy until now.
A few weeks back we spent a few hours one cold Sunday afternoon and my ma was sure to teach me the ways of the hook! Now I can't leave it alone.I grabbed some wool that I had at home and started the Grannie's..what I am making I don't know, but I don't care because it's making me a happy girl.
I have taken a few pictures of what I've done to date....

I am using Chocolate, latte and pale pink yarn.

Round one

Round two....round three is missing from the pics!

Granny squares

I wanted to do the Sunburst Granny squares after Seeing Coco Rose's beautiful pillow, but I couldn't get my head around the pattern. However I found a similar pattern on Attic 24, that has kindly been put there for the sharing of all who are obsessed with the hook and yarn! Check out both site's for crafting goodness!


  1. Wowzer, your crochet looks fab! And I love the colour combinations! It's amazing how addictive it is. I cannot get enough of it...the trouble is, that it is quite a time consuming thing to do, and you can't make something in a day, so that I find a little frustrating, but it's oh sooooo calming. I tried attic 24's sunburst pattern but found it was a little harder than the other one I found, but they are pretty much the same. I have now finished two cushions but have pads for two more, although, I have told myself that this week I have to carry on with my blanket as that seems to have stalled! We'll see how it goes. I still can't get the hang of the pattern book instructions and rely on the tutorials on you tube and bloogy land, they are far more helpful. I found a great loveheart one that I want to try to make a garland for the mantle and then the next BIG project will be the ripple blanket, but I think I might be biting off more than I can chew with that one! Keep at it though, it's all looking so great...before you know it there will be wool all over your house and bits of crochet everywhere! he he! Have a lovely day! xxx

  2. I love Coco Rose too! :) Love your colors!

  3. your squares are stunning. I just love the colours you have chosen, they are really chic looking :o) x