Monday, 11 January 2010

Tea and Cake

These winter days seem to make me sleep a lot more than usual, ( those that know me, wouldn't think it possible for me to sleep more than my usual quota)!
This darn sleepiness prevents me from doing what I enjoy, don't get me wrong I love snoozing, but sometimes I wish I was more energetic! So on Saturday I decided that the hubby and I were going to go for a long walk on Sunday, to energise us.... after stuffing a cooked breakfast (you need to stay warm in these freezing conditions)!
I therefore decided that if we were going to walk we would need a lovely treat after all the hard work! So I made a Victoria sponge (I weighed out the eggs and did an equal amount of flour, butter and sugar, plus a little vanilla essence...that old school recipe always seems to come out nice and light and fluffy).
There's nothing like a cup of tea and a piece of cake to come home to after a long walk.Funny thing is, not long after we got back, I fell asleep on the sofa!! I can't win!!

Anyway the little cup cake stand was my secret santa gift, someone made me very happy indeed with that little cutie.I believe you can get them from Dotcomgiftshop.
The flowers and bow I made at the weekend with sugar paste, although the colours in the photo's are a little off due to it not being natural light, Come back summer time!
Anyway time for bed (arrrrrr).


  1. OMG what fantastic roses....okay i think you might just have to do a tutorial for all us ladies out there who are rubbish at that kind of thing and in need of help! They look amazing and that sponge cake...ooohhhh!!!!! I made the coconut ice and it was a dream. The only trouble being I read on a foodie website that each slice containes 600-700 calories! OMG! laughing! I have been on the wii a lot this week, trying to cut those calories and burn off all the sweet stuff I have been indulging in a lot this last few weeks...hey ho, the battle goes on! I know what you mean about sleep, the more I get of it the more I want! Luckily with a 3 yr old that is waking and screaming a few times during the night, every night at the moment, am not getting much and seemingly not needing so much! Have a lovely day xxxx p.s gorgeous pics!

  2. Love your sweet cake plate, the cake on it, and I agree with Vanessa, you must teach us all how to make the roses. Right with you on the sleep thing, can't make it through a whole day without a nap anymore, please come soon, spring!!!