Sunday, 17 January 2010

Rose Tutorial

This is for the two lovely ladies coco rose textiles and auntie's cakes who requested a rose tutorial.
Normally when I make these, I have no problems, try and make them to photograph and they flunk! Anyway I will put these photos on here, but I intend to do another one as I don't think I have made it clear enough with the angles of the shots!
Anyway here goes.....

I have made these from sugarpaste, but I believe they can be made from fondant and marzipan.

Start by rolling out your sugarpaste into a sausage shape. Depending on what size rose you want ....the bigger the sausage, the bigger the rose! Mine are about 10cm / 4 inches long.
Once you have rolled out  your sausage, cut into 9 pieces. Eight equal sized pieces and one longer piece (as above).

Roll the equal sized pieces into balls and the longer piece into a little sausage ( as above).

You now need to shape the balls into your petal shapes. I use a small board that has a plastic layer to squash them between, but you can place the pieces between two pieces of cellophane.That will do the job!
Push down onto the sugarpaste balls and squash them into petal shapes.Flatten the little sausage out into a sausage shape.Press a little harder on one edge of all of the petals, this will be the top of the petal. Do not make the petals too thin, otherwise you will find them hard to work with.

Take the little sausage piece (above) ,this is the inner petal. Curl as above with the thinnest part at the top.

Place the first petal shape on the outside of the inner petal (make sure that the left side sticks to the inner petal).

Take the second petal and place this just inside the first petal, so it overlaps ( as above). Again where it touches, make sure it sticks on the edge.

Now place the third petal inside the second petal.

The forth petal overlaps inside the third petal. Continue until you have overlapped all eight petals inside one another.

You can then shape the petals by holding the base of the rose and gently pulling the petals outwards to look more like a rose.

It took me quite a few times before I could make these, so have patience!

 Once finished, if the base is not flat, just cut with a pair of scissors and reshape with your fingers,.

As I said, I will try this week to make another one with better photographs.
They make a great decoration on any cake, just bear in mind that if you place them onto a buttercream icing, after a while they start to go soggy and don't look so pretty. I found this out when I made someone farewell cakes, took the lid of and they were stuck to the lid and melted.....sniff sniff!!

My sugarpaste is a little dry which is why my rose petals have cracks along the edge, they shouldn't be like this (tut tut). Also I add Tylo powder to my sugarpaste to make it a little tougher, although not essential.
Kids seem to love the taste of sugarpaste, but it's not for me!

I hope you have fun making them, that's if you can understand my instructions?!!!


  1. Don't know how I missed it when you posted, but thanks for sharing your tutorial with us!!! I am so excited, but why do I think that somehow you are making it look just so easy??? I am going to get some supplies then pour over your post... I will let you know how it goes. Yours are so lovely, I will remember your words, "so have patience!"
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh thankyou my friend for such a fantastic tutorial! I have got to have a go now I have the idea of what to do! Although, I think I might need a few attempts, but the boys will enjoy eating them i'm sure! Thank you again, I know it takes a lot of effort if people ask for something, but this is TRULY appreciated!!!!!!! Have a lovely day! xxx