Monday, 23 July 2012

Bring me sunshine.....and a couple of plasters!

What a great couple of days we have had, sun, sun and more sun. I would normally complain that it's too hot, but after all this rain my lips are sealed.

Today I made a big decision. I chose to walk to my friends house, rather than take the car. I thought to myself, the weather is glorious, the exercise will be good and it saves the pennies on petrol.

I packed the pram with goodies, flask of coffee for me, food for my little munchin, blanket for the park,china mugs for the coffee (no plastic cups here), it was laden down with things and a little heavy to push, but I wasn't complaining.

It was a very pleasant journey along the river lea......
 That was until my feet started to hurt, under the heel of my foot. I was wearing what I thought was a sensible shoe,  a flat sandal. You can't go wrong with a flat sandal, Can you?

I tried to ignore the fact I was walking funny and carried on enjoying the views........

Picturesque barges floating on the glistening water.....

Beautiful flowers, inspiring me to create tiny pearls entwined with wire.........

Blackberries starting to blossom, waiting to be picked and turned into something scrumtious.....

More delicate flowers........

And all the while my feet killing me.
I finally arrived at my friends one hour and ten minutes later.
A cuppa and sit down soon remedied my feet and a lovely afternoon was had with our boys playing out in the sunshine, whilst we sat and chatted about our weekend.

A couple of hours later and it was time to go back home. Time to walk back on a pair of knackered, blistered feet! I wanted to cry and then I gave myself a mental slap and told myself to get it together.
I ignored the pain and actually really enjoyed the walk back.
It was all too much for one little fella.

Have I been put off...maybe a little, but the fact that I walked a total of 6 miles all round in hot, hot heat won't stop me. Next time I'll be better prepared.

1 comment:

  1. Ouch!
    I've done that, I'll just wear those FLAT ballerina pumps/sandals/meant-to-be-good-for-you-trainers, only to end up in agony!
    I blame it on the sunshine! (But don't let it know!!)
    Z xx