Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sponge..check, icing ....check, flower ...check.....job done!

So here are the cakes that I made yesterday for m.i.l...they came out ok after all. I am very happy with my icing...it's not one of my strong points so I went onto 'You tube' to see if anyone had videos of icing a cupcake and hay presto....so I've learned a new trick! They say your never too old!

The one thing I stress over when icing is having enough icing to cover all the cakes. I end up icing them  with not enough to cover them all or having loads left over because I have been too tight....and I really hate licking the remains of a frosting bowl!!! ...not!

Looks like I'll be in compitition with my little man............

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  1. Gosh, those cupcakes have made my mouth water!! I made some chocolate ones for H's birthday but my icing came out very pale, which recipe did you use?

    Little man is super cute but I. Am. Not. Broody. No sirreeeee (she tries to convince herself!!)

    S x