Monday, 18 July 2011

I made these cakes with a lot of love for two very special people...We have a wedding coming up in our family in less than two weeks, so I made some celebration cakes for my brother and his wife to be!!......
What's more exciting is that it is taking place in Sweden.
It will be Harrison's first trip on a plane and his first trip abroad. He is so curious now and into absolutely everything so I think he will be in his element.
He is so wonderful to be around at this stage. Everything has gone up a level and I cannot leave him in the room on his own because he finds the tiniest piece of dirt, the one wire that's loose and he's learn't to pull himself up on everything...the best climbing frame is daddy's t.v stand...eek!

Makes me feel like cake! 


  1. So beautiful. I love your cake stand too! Have a wonderful trip. Em xx

  2. Wow, they look gorgeous!! You are very talented!!

    S x

  3. they are little works of art....fabulosa!