Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cake books...

Today has been another busy day and it seems the only chance I get to post is late in the evening, so please excuse the nonsense I write as I am half asleep. I sometimes find I come on here and just don't know what to write.But tonight I had a purpose so here goes.
I have been meaning to post about these lovely little books from marks and spencers, so I thought tonights the night...

I think they were about £4 each.Even if you don't make anything from them the pictures are really lovely to look at........

dribble, dribble

posh sarnies

I want those little T cup vases now! wouldn't mind eating the cake neither.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.x


  1. I'm going to keep my open for these books. I love baking, and looking at pictures o baking makes me really happy! Em x

  2. I am in love with cupcakes and have enjoyed my time adoring your lovely pictures of these scrumptious delectables. So glad to have found your blog today =)