Friday, 11 February 2011

Heaven in a box.......

This week Grandma and myself took our little Harrison on his first trip on a train into London town.
 What a delight for the little fella he didn't know where to look first.
I hold my hands up to being a very curious person ( well........more like nosey...always have been, always will be!) and little H has taken after me! He was having a lovely time looking at all the different faces and places, it was a joy to see him taking everything in.
The joy didn't stop there and why should it I hear you say....It was only fair that mummy and grandma should have some too so we popped along to Patisserie Valerie.....

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This little box was filled with these little treats!


Mixed berry treat

They were devine, so if you ever pass a Valerie's I'd advice you pop in for a little treat.
What more could I have asked for....sunshine,my mama, my little fella and a naughty treat!!
Enjoy your weekend.x


  1. OMG! I bet the shop window was to die for!
    Heavenly's lovely to hear about your wee boy. My eldest is ten in a couple of months and it's nice to remember him as a wee baby which is easy to do when someone talks about theirs.
    Hope you have many many more days like that one!
    Ali xx

  2. Looks like heaven! I think I could eat a whole shop like that! Glad you had a super day and little H enjoyed his trip out to London!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxx

  3. Oh my, please forgive, I am SO behind with keeping in touch with everyone in Blogland. Congratulations on the birth of Harrison. It's that long ago I guess he's walking by now!!
    Loving catching up...some yummy new recipes to try and reading that you are doing OK, after the 'blip'. Pat Val-that takes me back; my boss had her wedding cake made by them-it was AMAZING! Yum!
    Take care,
    Z xx