Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Introducing the Ladies

As we know these dark nights don't leave me bursting with energy for crafting after a hard days work, so I have decided tonight to introduce you to a few of my favourite lady vocalists. Some might say this music is a little depressing.But I like to say it's beautiful emotional music...Maybe I  do like to wallow in a little sadness every now and again....No harm though eh!?

 Now for some reason I cannot cut and paste the videos on youtube, so if you can be bothered you will have to have a listen on youtube's website!

Now bare with me....I know in my head what I mean, but I'm unable to write it down on paper screen! So please excuse my descriptions of these musicians.

First in line are 'Oh Laura', a Swedish band ( they are named after the mystery girl from David Lynch's series 'Twin Peaks'). Fronted by husky voiced Frida Ohrn ( I am guessing this is what you sing like on 40 cigs a day!). Her stories are of  lost love and heartache........just the stuff to listen to on these wintery days.
youtube- 'Oh Laura' - track name- 'Release me'.

Secondly, Michelle Featherstone is an English singer / songwriting now living in Hollywood. My favourite song from her is 'Coffee and Cigarettes', where she sings about quiting her bad habits coffee and cigarettes, not realising that the bad habit is her boyfriend! Not one if your feeling a little low or you also have a horrid boyfriend!
She has a beautiful voice set against a back drop of emotional and vunerable lyrics. You can only get this album as a download....tut tut...I am a lover of hardcopies be it cd or vinyl so this is darned annoying!!

Lastly ( for now). Cat Power is one to add to the 'cool' collection. I can  remember watching Chan Marshall at  Reading festival many moons ago. She has a beautiful voice, with wonderful lyrics to her name and yet it took her about 10 minutes to get going after stumbling though the first song over and over again, it was painful to watch as her nerves took hold. However once she got going  it was truly worth the wait. 'The Greatest' is an album to hold onto with your heart.

How could I forget the wonderful Laura Marling, who looks as delicate and fragile as the songs she sings. With lyrics like ''I will never love a man because love and pain go hand in hand'' is what you get from this young lady. 'Alas I cannot swim' is her debut album and there are two more to come in 2010 and she has even hit her twenties yet! Folk at it's best.

I do hope that you manage to find time to check out at least one of these talented ladies. They would be a good friend to keep on the shelf!


  1. Thanks for this, always great to find a new band or vocalist. I don't know any of them, except did Cat Power do a version of Oasis' Wonderwall. I have that and it's fantastic. I shall have to go search you tube and itunes later and have a listen. My all time favourite song, most played on my ipod is Sia's Breath Me which is beautiful, if not a little meloncholy and depressing! He he! Have a fab day! xxx

  2. Thanks. I'll have to look into these!Have a good week

  3. Oooh so excited to find your blog - we share a love of cakes and I love your previous post on sugar roses, have just ordered some pretty regalice colours so will have to have a go when it arrives - happy weekend Kitty at Dolliedaydream - xxx