Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A little something I made earlier............

Meet little Miss Emilia. This photograph was taken by my (very talented) brother when Emilia was only a few weeks old.
She's now four months old and although that's only a teeny tiny amount of time on this big ol' planet, it feels like she has been with us forever.

It's been quite a transition going from one child to two, in fact it's a daily challenge that I am still trying to get my baby brained head around. Although I have made some improvements with Emilia. With Harrison I don't think I managed to leave the house before midday most days when he was a littl'en. By some miracle I am out of my pj's a little quicker this time round.

I am trying to enjoy every moment, from watching the way her face lights up when her brother is making her laugh to her little chunky legs that are crying out to be squeezed.

It is so true that they grow so fast, you just have to cherish every moment.


  1. I'm not a baby person....but I've oo'd and ah'd and coo'd over this post until my partner asked what I was looking at!!
    May you have the most fabulous Christmas with your new addition.
    Z xx

  2. What a beautiful picture of a beautiful baby. Congratulations on your new addition xx