Monday, 9 January 2012

Vintage Amethyst......

I have discovered another shop to pine over 'Vintage Amethyst'.
Just take a little at these babies........

So we haven't moved yet! It was meant to be last weekend, but things happened and we weren't able to get the keys....We are still waiting to see if we are going to get them this weekend. I am starting to feel very stressed about the whole situation. Moving is no good for anyones stress level.
Sometimes life doesn't always go the way you want it to. But then something else happens and you realise that you had nothing to complain about.
Last week we had terrible news and the person that I want to hug in my arms is too far away to be able to do so.
The new year should bring a feeling of hope and a fresh start and yet it always seems to bring such sadness. It makes you realise that you have to appreciate the good things in this world.


  1. vintage amethyst is lovely. I bought a laundry sign a wee willy winkie style candle for there a few years ago. I must take another look xx

  2. Vintage Amethyst looks dreamy! Must have a little lookie.
    So sorry you cannot comfort your friend in person...I am sure they will know you are there in spirit though, and that will provide support for them.
    I think we all hope for so much at the start of a new year that it really is impossible for it to deliver.
    Fingers crossed you get your keys this weekend. It must be very unsettling for you.
    Z xx