Thursday, 8 December 2011


So here we are ....
                          My own little company 'PrettyLittleHeads', where I have been designing and making jewelled hair pieces. I am aiming to make enough styles to open a Folksy shop in the hope that some lovely ladies will fall in love with my designs and want them for their special day! I recently designed some bespoke pieces for a friends wedding in Australia and now I am working on my own collection.....soon to be posted about.....

The photograph is of my great grandmother, one of my inspirations for designing......I have a studio set up in our flat where I work (away from little grabbing fingers who like to grab beads and try to eat them!!)

This would be my dream job. I really love designing jewelry with all the beautiful swarovski crystals and pearls and find it very relaxing making them.
To think that I could be doing this for a job and staying  at home to look after my little ray of sunshine would just be amazing to say the least!
I hope you like my pieces and if anyone needs a special handmade piece made....please email as I am only too happy to make you something to fall in love with!

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