Friday, 5 November 2010


Everyone meet Harrison....

                                            He decided that mummy was not going to have 2 weeks maternity leave to chill out before motherhood....he arrived safely on Sunday 24th october ( 2 weeks early ) !!

Wearing his fishing hat ready to fish with daddy.

 Pout little lips that make me want to kiss him all the time.

Battle wounds.

Nothing prepares you for parenthood, the sleepless nights, the feeds, the nappy changing, the worrying....but it's all worth it.
When I do get a spare moment I seem to spend it admiring my little pumpkin, watching him smile from wind, it seems every day a new facial expression.
I have fallen in love!


  1. Aahh I can see why you have fallen in love, he is gorgeous! My first was 2 weeks early, a bit of a shock isn't it but so lovely at the same time. xxx

  2. Congratulations to you both on the birth of your beautiful boy!!!
    he looks adorable and it's amazing how much time can be taken up just admiring your baby, enjoy it it's a precious time!!!
    take care tracy x

  3. Congratulations, I use to spend hours looking at my two when they were babies. I still do even now they are older!! Enjoy evey moment xx

  4. Oh my lovely.....CONGRATULATIONS to you all...and well done mum! He is SOOOOOOOOOO Beautiful. Ahhhh that lovely baby smell, the little squeaky noises. Enjoy every moment, and take a million photos, as you forget just what they were like as babies, they grow so fast! My last two were exactly two weeks early.

    Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!

    Much Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Thank you ladies.
    i know where to come if i need some advice.
    i'm taking loads of pic's. Can't believe that he is already 2 weeks old.