Friday, 4 December 2009

Where for art thou?

I feel like this poor little balloon.......deflated!

If I am to be honest with you, I have lost my inspiration to blog! Coming on here was a huge effort......Writing this right now feels too much like hard work and it shouldn't be should it?
Where has my love for all things wonderful gone?

Is it the weather? Have the dark nights crept in and enveloped me in their gloom! I go home and all I want to do it cosy up with my blanket and husband (notice the order of importance.....Very wrong of me!...He has the remote, I have my blanket! ). Anyway tangents a plenty, back to my woes and misery. Have I lost my groove for all things art? Will it return or do I just need a big kick up the butt?

Signing off....a 'sad' day with doris!


  1. awwww we need to cheery you up! You know I think it is this time of year. I feel stressed, sad, unfulfilled, hating christmas, willing january to come so as I don't have to talk about or listen to anymore christmas cheer! I know, bah humbug and all, but keeping it all up for the children. I know that come january I will begin to lift a bit more and get my mojo back! Hope the day, week, month improves for ya! xxx

  2. be kind to yourself and your mojo will return ..hugs lynnie