Sunday, 9 March 2014

Trying to find the time...

...for me. My list of 'to do's' has become daily chores and time never allows for crafty craftyness :(

This little poppet, has been tiring me out through the nights lately...

Don't misunderstand me I am not complaining, cuddles with little miss Emilia are like nothing else ( apart from cuddles with Harrison of course) , but a few less through the night would be appreciated! She's teething and suffering with it Hence I'm not sleeping and pretty much going loco because of it. I'd forgotten how hard it is in the beginning trying to function on minimal sleep.

Anywho...Thank goodness for the sunshine this weekend, I'm sure it must have put a spring in everyone's step. The sunshine makes everything almost seem alright.

My little tiger was excited to have his face painted yesterday, until the lady started doing it, hence a half done face. He loved it regardless, roaring all the way home.

We had a lovely day out in the sunshine today to blow away the cobwebs.

A little tree climbing.

A little bird watching and pond water drinking (oh to be 3 )

A little shade wearing.

And how can you not photograph the blossom. Oh beautiful blossom, how you make me smile.

Long may the sun shine on us all....

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