Sunday, 9 March 2014

Trying to find the time...

...for me. My list of 'to do's' has become daily chores and time never allows for crafty craftyness :(

This little poppet, has been tiring me out through the nights lately...

Don't misunderstand me I am not complaining, cuddles with little miss Emilia are like nothing else ( apart from cuddles with Harrison of course) , but a few less through the night would be appreciated! She's teething and suffering with it Hence I'm not sleeping and pretty much going loco because of it. I'd forgotten how hard it is in the beginning trying to function on minimal sleep.

Anywho...Thank goodness for the sunshine this weekend, I'm sure it must have put a spring in everyone's step. The sunshine makes everything almost seem alright.

My little tiger was excited to have his face painted yesterday, until the lady started doing it, hence a half done face. He loved it regardless, roaring all the way home.

We had a lovely day out in the sunshine today to blow away the cobwebs.

A little tree climbing.

A little bird watching and pond water drinking (oh to be 3 )

A little shade wearing.

And how can you not photograph the blossom. Oh beautiful blossom, how you make me smile.

Long may the sun shine on us all....

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A little something I made earlier............

Meet little Miss Emilia. This photograph was taken by my (very talented) brother when Emilia was only a few weeks old.
She's now four months old and although that's only a teeny tiny amount of time on this big ol' planet, it feels like she has been with us forever.

It's been quite a transition going from one child to two, in fact it's a daily challenge that I am still trying to get my baby brained head around. Although I have made some improvements with Emilia. With Harrison I don't think I managed to leave the house before midday most days when he was a littl'en. By some miracle I am out of my pj's a little quicker this time round.

I am trying to enjoy every moment, from watching the way her face lights up when her brother is making her laugh to her little chunky legs that are crying out to be squeezed.

It is so true that they grow so fast, you just have to cherish every moment.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Can't stop baking.....

We have cake coming out of our ears! I just cannot stop myself from baking at the moment. I know once baby August comes along I won't feel like it, so I am making the most of it now.

Here are a few I made earlier........( my excuse as to why I've not been on here again...for ages)......

Enchanted garden cupcakes....

A little felt bunting...

Cupcakes for nanny.....

Little flowers......


Little hearts.......

And we are still wondering...Is it a girl....

Or a boy......

Just under 6 weeks and we will know!

I can't wait, neither can Harrison ( unless it's a girl, he doesn't want one of those)!!

Well enjoy the sunshine, whilst it's here........xx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Something old

Whilst looking through my posts I found an old post that I hadn't posted, so rather than write a new one I thought why not post this one....

This was before I started feeling rough...cake, cake and more cake...



I had started to feel better and then my sinuses kicked in along with my hayfever.
I am lately found with a grumpy face ( mostly) and a box of tissues, although this sunshine is making me feel better apart from the fact I am avoiding the pollen that is floating around with the aim of making me more miserable .
Don't I sound the jolly one!
here's hoping you've all had a grand weekend in the sunshine.x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Well it's been a while since I've been on here, a very very long long time.
So hello if you are still around and sorry for my absence. I feel like I have missed out on so much in blog land.
I started an evening job back in September and it's knackered me out to be honest. I love my little job, but when it's time to sit and rest once Harrison is in bed, it's time to get out to work. I'm not complaining, it's ideal as it allows me to look after little H during the day and that's precious to me.
I also have been feeling unwell, but for a fabulous reason, I have another little baby on the way, due in August. But this pregnancy has not be kind in the nausea department or the lethargic department. But apart from that I'm feeling wonderful and little H seems to be excited about the prospects of a little sibling. Daily belly cuddles are now a must for him :)

Easter was busy with family, baking and resting which was lovely.
Crafting went out the window and baking has only recently become a happy pastime again, I couldn't be bothered with anything until now, which is why I decided to visit blogland long will it last?!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summer days

Please Mr Sunshine don't leave us!

I have been making the most of the sun the past week or two, my pale white skin has even turned a little shade darker.
I have been out every day with Harrison, either walking along the river lee or just going for a run around in the park.

My husband is crazy on fishing, so a lake walk or two is the norm for our little family walks....

We've seen lots of wild flowers.....

When we're not out exploring the world and it's beauties....

we're exploring head wear. This season Harrison will mostly be wearing hats...but only indoors...never outdoors!
He's quite inventive. It doesn't have to be a 'proper' hat, the possibilities are endless.....
A mixing bowl.....
Straw basket..... Anything goes!
What fun it is to be a child, no set ways or preconceptions, just a little sponge, soaking up everything new in the universe.
I've been trying to pick some blackberries in the hope of making something tasty, but I have acquired more nettle stings on arms and feet than fruit I am sad to say. In fact one bag I picked, I dropped on the floor on the way back, but didn't realise until I was home. I did find them the next day when walking back, but they were a little squashed!
 I also found this little beauty, I was stalking the bushes for flowers and wild life to photograph and I came across this little bubble that someone must have blown down in the breeze and attached itself to a stalk. It was sitting there reflecting the world in all it's glory.
Harrison has discovered that water melon is lovely after a long walk....
That's all from me for now.
I hope you are enjoying the sun too, sorry if this post was a little random, but that's how this week has been.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A bit of this and that....

I realise it has been over a week since I last posted. My head has been burried in felt and thread and I neglected everything else around me, apart from Harrison.

On Sunday I had a stall at a local fair and it has consumed me for the past few weeks. I can't seem to get a balance between making my pieces and dealing with everything else around me, so this week I am on a mission to clean the flat and get organised. I have also vowed not to be consumed by crafting  again.
A big blanket of stitching will not envelope me again...I will stay grounded and realise there are other things to do!
Do you ever feel like this? Does your blogging / crafting know no limits and sweep you up into a freenzy of obsessiveness?

Luckily for me I have a fab ma who opens my eyes and gives me a reality check every now and again...she is also my stall helper and sanity keeper.

I have so many ideas in my head, and thinking about what may come to fruition that evening leaves me thinking of nothing else.
The ironing just sits there looking all forlorn, wondering when I may run an iron over them, the washing up in the bowl lays there waiting for bubbles that never come, the laundry over flowing in the basket cries out clean me, clean me.

I want it all made yesterday and just don't know where to begin, I sometimes feel like my head might explode!

These little flowers were made for a lovely lady who makes wonderful photo / scrap books.

These are teeny tiny felt bows on elastic for little ones.

A couple of new designs...Hair clip holders.

A very handy little cabinet that I got in the sale at M and S. Perfect for displaying my hand made felt and bead necklaces and bracelets.

I also took along my wedding accessories, just never know who will be passing!
Sadly on this day not many people were passing and it was a sad day for all involved.
The event was for a charity and the lack of people made what could have been a great day a very un- eventful day.

Still it didn't stop all the fun....never too young or old for a little bit of bouncy castle!

I did pass on the blow up slide, that didn't stop the little fella from having a blast so it wasn't all bad!

Here's to my week of less crefting and more every day stuff......pah.... sometimes it sucks being an adult :)

Happy week one and all.x